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Up to 22 different Geography Elements

  • Average income Per Day

    Average income Per Day

    Expressed in US Dollars, this is their Average Income Per Day.

  • Capital Cities

    Capital Cities

    For all 238 Countries and Territories we provide their Official Capital City Name.

  • Currency


    The name of their local currency. We also show value in USD.

  • Flags


    You can toggle to see their Flag in it's proper proportions.

  • Location Map

    Location Map

    The Location Map shows the country in color and the rest of the Region in grey.

  • Religion


    The major Religion symbol displayed with a pie chart behind showing participation.

  • Trade Balance

    Trade Balance

    In Basket is Importer, Out of basket Exporter, both is Balanced.

  • Urban Percentage

    Urban Percentage

    We provide the percentage of population living in Urban Areas.

  • UTC/GMT Time Offset

    UTC/GMT Time Offset

    Their Standard Time compared to Greenwich Mean Time or Universal Time.

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