‘A Worldly Mind’ Now Available On Apple Store


‘A Worldly Mind’ Free Geography App Now Available On Apple Store

Summary: ‘A Worldly Mind’ today announced the availability of their free Geographic app for iOS users. The app is meant for AP human geography students, Geography Geeks Trivia Geeks and parent and educators looking for apps to teach with.

December 12, 2014: The free Geography as launched by ‘A Worldly Mind’ last week is now available for free on the Apple App store. The confirmation related to the same was provided by the representative of the company. The app has more than 2,300 unique Geography related questions and allows one to study 22 different elements. The app covers more countries than the members of United Nations and one can take up a quiz by element or by religion with an element.

When contacted, a representative of the company confirmed, “Yes we are proud to confirm that our free app is now available for iOS users as well. As earlier, you are not required to pay anything for accessing the app and its amazing features. There are no advertisements as well and you can opt for Free to Help Out in case you wish to.” He further added, “We aim to keep on developing the app to make it bigger and better to help students learn more with ease.”

Under the ‘Free to Help Out’ focus, users of the app have an option to click on links provided by the company outside the app and try another app, take a survey, purchase an item or provide feedback. They are not forced to do so and it’s their wish if they want to. The actions will help developing this and other apps further.

Some of the elements included in the app are average income per day, capital cities, currency, flags, Location Map, Religion, Trade Balance, Urban Percentage and UTC/GMT time offset among others. The company also provides daily Geographic, trivia on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google plus. The app by ‘A Worldly Mind’ has more countries, elements and questions than any other one as available in market.

Demo Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=906V1_rRM6g


iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/worldly-mind-ultimate-world/id945794166?ls=1&mt=8


About ‘A Worldly Mind’

Response Catalyst, Inc. a Nebraska based company founded by Doug Hibbeler creates ‘A Worldly Mind’. The company develops Free-To-HelpOut apps that do NOT trick users with ads or ask for money for unlocking higher levels.  Apps are Free and unlimited, we only ask the user when they use it to take an action like trying another app or game, enter a free contest, etc.


Contact Information

Contact Person: Doug Hibbeler

Contact Number: 402 408 9867

Email id: support@aworldlymind.com/

Website: http://www.aworldlymind.com/

Address: 14953 L Street Omaha, NE. 68137