You love World Geography. You’re awesome!

But can’t find any good apps that you don’t have to pay for, or trick you with ads.

Well we are here to solve both of those for you. Hi, I’m Doug the president of A Worldly Mind. I created this app to bring Free Geography to the world. Because I believe that everyone deserves to know and should know about this beautiful planet. You can impress your friends, map out amazing vacations, and learn so much about the climate and cultures. Simply by knowing your home planet!

What We Do

We set out to create the most comprehensive and free World Geography App available. And we did just that. It is really so much more than just a place to look at maps. The truly amazing part is the personal interaction!

  • 15 Quizzes
  • 238 Countries
  • 0ver 2,300 unique Geography questions

A Worldly Mind is also an innovation in how apps are funded. Because we promised it would be free!

There are PAID APPS that you pay to use. There are AD APPS with built in Ads to pay for the app. There are some that have IN-APP Purchases to make it easier or unlock another level. And some Apps that show full screen ads or Videos while a screen is loading – pretending that the Video is entertaining and allows the next screen to load.

Our app has none of this nonsense. Because wanted to focus on your learning about the Geography you love. By offering:

  • Free to Use for All.
  • Comprehensive and not limited!
  • No Advertising Trickery!
  • No Selling of User Information!

All we ask is that you will look at our HelpOut links. And we call this new App Type – Free-To-HelpOut. On this screen we will have links to Free Actions and Games or Surveys that you can do – AT NO COST to help fund this app. We ask you to HelpOut as often as you can. We also have a Related Items Links for App-Related, Learning and Self-Help items at reasonable prices for purchase.

Meet Doug

Doug is a proven innovator and leader. Telecommunications and Technology are the paths that intersect most of his experiences. Early in his career he was setting up Telemarketing Facilities in cities and town providing sales and surveys for Fortune 500 clients. He became the youngest Operations Director at a Top 50 Teleservices Firm.

He decided to create some software to track and improve the quality of agents. He developed a software package later adopted by a digital recording company to sell with their technology. He was asked to participate in creating a start-up company doing Automated Voice Message Broadcasting. As COO of this company as it went public he managed the millions of calls for Fortune 500 clients. “We built a system from scratch with the capacity of a million calls per day”, he said.

Mr. Hibbeler had finished writing a Do Not Call compliance guide to help state licensed professionals understand the telecom laws and how to avoid the penalties and fines. After that he was asked to help turn around a call center in Iowa and he turned back to the technology to make another innovation. Again, this in the software realm – an application for learning World Geography, and A Worldly Mind was born.

Our Promise

We promise to offer you the most comprehensive World Geography app available for FREE. No ads, no tricks…Just Geography at your fingertips anytime you want it.  Get connected with us via social media or join our update newsletter so you can see … How Worldly is your Mind?!