1. Geography is Visual. At least it can be a very visual subject and thus the visual is easier for our minds to memorize. At the time we were working on another app for Memory when we stopped everything and changed gears to World Geography.
  2. No Funding. We learned that only one State mandated geography education. And we saw this web page that tried to get National Geography Funding.  Specifically one part of the quote from Dr. Randy J. Bertolas – How will America be able to solve problems without a citizenry trained to think critically both nationally and globally?  Geography plays a crucial role in the education of our young people and the future of our democracy.
  3. Available Apps. We looked in the App Store and mostly found a lot of superficial quiz apps that had 1 or 2 elements like Capital Cities, Locations or Flags. Who wants want to download 8 different apps to get good information?
  4. A Real Need. We read a New York Times Article that tells us that in the information age, somehow we are learning less about our Planet!

How could a Geography Geek just ignore this need?

We set out to create a comprehensive Human Geography App that would provide a core understanding of the various places around our world.

The Countries and Territories: There are more Countries and Territories in this app than others. We essentially draw the line by excluding the virtually uninhabited or military installations.

The Elements: We knew we had to have the core elements, but we also wanted to include those that we could visually display that tell you about the people of a given country.

The Enlightenment: The simple idea of creating an app for and by Geography Geeks. Put something out there for Free and engage the community to support it and provide the feedback and content enhancements. This is a whole new concept in creating educational Apps – we call it FreeToHelpOut.